January 2015

Apple Street Market Event Recap
by Mary Hutten

On a chilly afternoon on January 11, 2015 a group of over 100 people congregated at the future home of Apple Street Market in Northside (Cincinnati).  The event was Part 2 of our Reclaiming Our Neighborhoods by Restoring Our Local Grocery Stores series.  (Part 1 was held at the future home of Clifton Co-op Market.)

Along with Northside community members, people from neighboring communities came to show support for the efforts of many who are working tirelessly to open Apple Street Market, thus changing Northside from a “food desert” to a community with a full service grocery store.  In addition, over a dozen local food vendors were on site to sell their wares to event attendees.

The event, which drew the largest number of attendees of any of our events thus far, was a grand success financially also.  During the afternoon of the event, $16,000 in loans were realized.  Additional loans were also made later as a direct result of the Local Loans for Local Foods: A Slow Money Group event.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Apple Street Market Co-op and making a loan to help Reclaim our Local Communities by Restoring Our Local Grocery Stores, please contact Christopher DeAngelis, General Manager at   christopher.andrew.deangelis@gmail.com.